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    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

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    Retractable Roofs Melbourne

    Our Retractable Fabric Roof range is the leading design in contemporary roofing systems; offering quality commercial, residential and hospitality outdoor spaces, with complete design flexibility and functionality, for year round comfort.

    The Retractable roof awning is engineered to withstand winds up to 117km/h,  is completely UV resistant and flame resistant and comes with a five year warranty.

    With an appealing European design, our high tenacity, German made architectural membrane and carriage operating mechanisms are set within the guide rails.

    Adopting a design philosophy that ensures high quality and efficient integration, our range offers a flexible cohesive solution into existing structures, and a minimalistic design to suit both contemporary and traditional architecture, with a custom finish from a large range of powder coated colours, waterproof fabrics and high grade materials; guaranteed to be a valued, smart investment to your home or business.

    Your Complete Solution For Light Control & Protection From The Weather

    Our range of products are easy, affordable and ideal options for flexible roofing integration into existing timber or steel structures and freestanding structures.

    Our versatile, innovative and luxurious retractable systems, offer full control and protection, customized to integrate with your distinctive lifestyle, home or business; as it welcomes architectural sophistication.

    All retractable systems are completely waterproof, mould resistant and use fire rated fabric; ensuring low maintenance, maximum stability and resistance to temperature, moisture and dirt.

    Manufactured to size, using high grade 6063 extruded aluminium profiles and finished with thermosetting powder coating, which provides superior overall performance for exterior product application and exclusive storm guard soft touch seals and stainless steel fittings to endure Australian conditions and ensure an extended system life.

    Our range is guaranteed to accommodate to all your residential or commercial needs.

    Single Module Max 5m
    (inc 7m Max Overhang)
    Double Module Max 9m
    (inc 11m Max Overhang)
    Triple Module Max 13m
    (inc 15m Max Overhang)

    Our retractable roof range come in a wide range of spec options and like all our products we offer full building/planning permit, engineer certification and compliance, benchmark 3d design modelling and of course full fabrication and installation. For more information you can browse our gallery bellow, fill out our online form or call us on 1300 856 499.

    5 year warranty
    Full weather protection
    Choose your environment
    Extended living area

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    Structures by Design Director, Sam Conlan, gained extensive experience working in a high-level position at one of Australia’s top tier Commercial Builders. He worked on and delivered an array of premium developments throughout the Melbourne CBD. Sam has an RMIT University degree in Construction Management and is a Qualified Registered Builder. All Structures By Design staff are specifically developed and trained to deliver each and every project on time and on budget. Learn More