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  • Louvre Roof & Retractable Operable Roofs

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    Similar to our Shade Structures these are also a premium high-end product but are well worth it due to their long life span, impeccable modern design and practicality factor.  Specialising in Retractable Roof, motorised lourvres and fixed louvres.

    Motorised louvres, which can include wind and rain sensors, are perfect for your home.
    Retractable roofs are also very popular and, like the louvre roofs, can totally enclose an area and essentially create another operable covered space.
    Fixed louvres is another option that we offer to block out unwanted views.

    Louvre Roof Services Melbourne

    Retractable Roof Services Melbourne

    Many residential and commercial properties around the Melbourne area choose retractable roof system to enhance their properties.

    Retractable roofs is a “must have” in private homes, courtyards, restaurants and other outdoor areas where the owner is after something to protect their property that is more than just keeping safe from the sun.  Retractable roofs look amazing and add great value no matter where it is installed. Structures by design specialise in Retractable Roofs and install / service all metro areas of Melbourne.

    The idea of of being able to fold your roof away at the touch of a button and to make sure you get the most of your outdoor area by offering the flexibility of opening or closing your retractable roof to suit any weather condition is so important and why not? it looks amazing!

    The difference you’ll find with a retractable roof and the permanent roof structures is that you have full control over your outdoor environment whether you need to get a tan or see the stars at night, or protect your property from the leaves falling in winter – you have the option.

    Imagine a beautiful and at times Melbourne’s extremely hot summer where you need the shade but then wanting to enjoy the evening skies while relaxing with friends and family over a beautiful dinner – to be able to have the choice to have an opened or closed roof is the most ideal and convenient asset and must have for your outdoor property.

    Are you after this kind of luxury upgrade at your fingertips to decide at anytime – contacting Structures by Design is Melbourne’s go to company for any retractable roof system.

    Main points of why you need a Retractable Roof system on your property installed by Structures by design:

    • Beautifully designed
    • Open or close at a click of a button
    • Great asset to any residential or commercial property
    • Adds great value to any property
    • Caters for all seasons and weather

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