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    The Geelong Hotel

    The owners of the hotel came to us with the problem and limitation of not having coverage over the hotel second level courtyard and outdoor bar area. Pubs and clubs lose so much revenue in the colder months in particular as they can’t provide undercover shelter for patrons, this meaning they are likely to go somewhere else. So along with the help of Structerre Consulting engineers we fully design the perfect retractable roofing solutions to satisfy the needs of our client.

    The blockwork wall running parallel to the bar we installed six custom made uprights where by the high side of the roof attach. Each roof stretched almost 9m and roof A projected 6m and roof B projected 5m, this was due to the staggered roof line of the existing bar roof. The projection side rafters connected into the roof purlins which lay beneath the roof sheeting yet had to sit at least 250mm above the roof guttering so that the PVC canopy membrane would not touch in when opening or closing.

    We were successful in giving our client optional coverage of 110sqm in their beer garden. These well designed retractable roof structures were the perfect fit for this specialised shade solution.

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