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    Hawthorn VIC.
    Swiburne Univercity

    Swinburne University of Technology in collaboration with Katz Architects and Builder Domain National requested our services, reaching out to us regarding a major shade issue they had on the rooftop/balcony of one of their student resident buildings. What existed was a largely exposed and open area which was subjected to strong weather in both winter and summer and the University had aims to transform this area into a functional appealing space in which students could reside. A shade structure solution of some sort was the preferred application however with the size and lack of fixing points the SBD team ruled out this option due amount of posts needed that would compromise the objective of an effective, practical living space of the exposed roof. Discussions were undertaken and ideas explored with the solution and design of x3 Customised Hypar Cantilevered Shadecloth Umbrellas spanning 4m wide x 4m with a clearance height of 2.4m. Cantilever umbrellas allow space and access with out any central post impediment.

    We advised the university that our Structural Fixed Cantilever Umbrellas were the suitable application to provide protection and maximize space whilst being visually appealing. Once designs were reviewed we got the all clear and construction works began immediately to meet the quick turnaround time. x3 hot dipped galvanized structural steel posts were firstly chemset anchored to the existing heavy duty post tensioned existing slab. The cantilever components were then attached as per design specs through a series of nuts and bolts with the final product looking like a single object and projecting outwards from the building maximizing the space of the area by limiting to just x3 posts. Commshade Extra heavy duty shadecloth was used to account for the weather and custom designed and fabricated to fit all three umbrellas.

    Once erected we began to attach the fabric which was finished in a “Aquamarine” and once tensioned it became apparent how visually appealing the umbrellas where and the distinctive shade factor that came with it. The connection into the slab guaranteed sustainability against the harshest of weather conditions and careful design process allowed the SBD team to deliver this job punctually and to client expectations. Staff and students of the university displayed positive feedback and we are extremely happy with the final outcome.

    Client: Swinburne University of Technology
    Location: Hawthorne, Victoria
    Cost: $28k
    Programme: 1 month

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