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    Seaholme Primary School

    Seaholme Primary reached out to us seeking a solution that was effective, practical and visually appealing in serving a purpose of shelter and protection throughout all seasons, in particular the harsh sun in its largely exposed areas. Discussions where undertaken and options analysed however it became apparent very quickly that the best way to utilise the space cost effectively and in a stylish fashion while serving its full purpose and practical under the circumstances was a series of Commshade90 shade cloth Shade Sails both interconnecting and independent.

    3 areas required sails including the playground area with 3 interconnecting sails, sandpit area and open area with a shipping container meaning a total of 14 holes needed to be excavated at depths of 1500mm to ensure stability. Once obtaining all underground service drawings, building permits and engineering certification, excavation begun with holes placed in specific areas and x14 Hot Dipped Galvanised posts ranging in size placed in to correlate the sail and achieve the desired and abstract shape. Once concreted to ground level measurements and specifications where taken with the School wanting a Commshade90 material finished in both “Slate” and “Midnight Green” to further ensure protection from sun and contrast with the surrounding environment and within two weeks these sails were fabricated and installed.

    3 sails at sizes of 8m x 6m where erected first interconnecting at varying heights with marine grade stainless steel fixings and instantly creating the desired shelter Seaholme Primary was after in immaculate fashion giving the school a whole new dynamic. A 6.5m x 6.5m sail was then installed to cover the sandpit situated on the oval and then the last sail at 10m x 3.8m in which we used x3 connection points bolted into the existing shipping container projecting out to two posts creating a whole new space.

    Despite its basicality of being a shade sail this job allowed the team at Structures By Design to exhibit there wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and limitless solutions specifically tailored to any individual requirement and setting. Staff, students and parents are all extremely pleased with the final outcome and we wish Seaholme Primary all the best.

    Client: Seaholme Primary School
    Location: Seaholme Victoria
    Cost: $30k
    Programme: 2 months

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