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    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

    • Custom Shade Solution Specialists

      Commercial & Residential Premium Shade Products

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    Commercial Shade Structures Melbourne

    Providing Outdoor Shade & Rain Protection For Your Business Or Venue Is Essential.

    Are you are providing a business service at a venue or you are running an educational facility?  It is absolutely essential that you provide sufficient outdoor shade, a shade structure is a sure way to provide protection from the elements.

    A Shade Structure Provides Sufficient Weather Protection, Whilst Enhancing The Appeal & Practicality Of Your Space.

    Fully customisable to your environment and needs, a good shade structure is engineered, using high-quality steel & tailored to your specific requirements.

    Great for so many venues, such as swimming pools, schools and educational buildings, car parks, shopping centres, resorts, sporting complexes and all other commercial, industrial and domestic uses.

    Discuss Your Individual Shade Structure Needs Today – Click Here

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    Modern & Elegant Protection From The Sun

    Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas Bring Stylish Sun Solutions For Your Venue Or Premise.

    Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas are stronger and more robust than a typical market umbrella.  Commercial grade umbrellas come in high-quality aluminium frame, and steel-framed, Fixed Structural Umbrellas and Conic Structures.

    Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas come in a range of styles; from strong, lightweight and easy to move structures through to Heavy Duty umbrellas which are able to be left open in strong winds.

    Easy, modern protection from the heat and UV rays for your cafe, restaurant, resort, sporting complex, commercial building or exposed public spaces.

    If you would like more information on how to have the best Commercial Umbrellas or Umbrella Structures Installed at Your Premise Or Venue, Please Click Here.

    For Commercial Outdoor Umbrella Ideas – Click On The Style Types Below:

    Centre Post Non-Retractable Fixed Umbrellas

    Low maintenance, heat reflective, UV treated, fully welded membrane.

    All metalwork is Structural 316 Stainless steel and powder coated/galvanised

    Stainless steel edge cable for even tension of roof material

    Engineered wind rating of 120km/h

    Cantilever Umbrellas

    Incorporated cantilever arm with the main post mounted on one side of the canopy

    Maximises available area beneath the canopy allowing greater use of space

    Square, hexagonal and rectangular shapes

    Low maintenance, heat reflective, UV treated, fully welded membrane

    All metalwork is Structural 316 Stainless steel and powder coated/galvanised

    Stainless steel edge cable for even tension of roof material

    Engineered wind rating of 112km/h

    Conic Structures

    Single, double, triple and quad conic structures up to 10mx10m

    Center Column, cantilever and gazebo styles

    Perimeter framed umbrellas allowing for a gutter system, straight drop blinds and heaters

    Low maintenance, heat reflective, UV treated, fully welded membrane

    All metalwork is Structural 316 Stainless steel and powder coated/galvanised

    Engineered wind rating of 150km/h

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    Shade Sails Melbourne

    Having Shade Sails Can Help you Enjoy The Outdoors Without Being Exposed To The Harmful UV Rays Of The Sun.

    A shade Sail at a Educational facility in MelbourneIn Melbourne’s hot and sunny climate, shade provides you with coolness and relief from the heat and the rays of the sun.  Shade sails are an ingenious way to protect our children, as they play outdoors or at daycare.  It is also great protection for our students, as they lunch or study at school, our elderly, our customers & even our cars.

    A Shade Sail Provide Affordable Solutions & Can Be Custom Designed For Your Own Unique Outdoor Area Or Situation.  Contact our experienced team at Structures By Design today!

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    Our Team

    Structures by Design Director, Sam Conlan, gained extensive experience working in a high-level position at one of Australia’s top tier Commercial Builders. He worked on and delivered an array of premium developments throughout the Melbourne CBD. Sam has an RMIT University degree in Construction Management and is a Qualified Registered Builder. All Structures By Design staff are specifically developed and trained to deliver each and every project on time and on budget. Learn More

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    External Blinds

    Enhance comfort and security whilst maintaining complete control over your home with our ambient range of outdoor blinds from Structures By Design. Suitable for all outdoor areas and offering the finest stability and maximum views we guarantee our blinds will meet any of your residential or commercial needs

    1. ZIPTRAK

    The Ziptrak outdoor awning offered by Structures By Design is the ideal way to connect your indoor and outdoor environments into one peaceful and balanced space. Protected at any time of the year, with a sense of seclusion you’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors as Ziptrak allows you to turn your outdoor area into an all-weather lifestyle and entertainment centre enhancing both comfort and security whilst providing complete control over your home. Offered in a large range of contemporary screening fabrics or high-quality PVC the Ziptrak is guided via two specially designed and reliable tracks on either side of the blind providing a constant tight adhesion of fabrics to the windowpane and enabling the fabric to glide smoothly and effortlessly. Stay connected with nature as our sealed blind system shields you from all the elements and allows control over airflow, light and temperature as you relax in your own personal retreat.


    The Structures By Design Wireguide awning offers modern functionality, style and control incorporating durable and high-quality stainless steel and corrosion-resistant hardware to ensure strength and reliable operation. The self-aligning system of the wire guide cables guide the awning up and down offering greater stability and exceptionally controlled movement. Suitable for outdoor areas requiring sun protection and privacy whilst offering maximum views the wire guide is a strong practical and simple system successful in achieving that modern industrial look. Available both motorised and crank handle/gearbox operated and offered in a wide range of shade mesh fabrics this blind will meet any of your home or business needs.


    The traditional Straight Drop Blind is one of our most popular and versatile outdoor products suitable for any application through various operation methods and lockdown options. Appropriate to modern open-plan living areas, the sleek and contemporary design occupies a small footprint and allows for a simple and economic solution for screening outdoor areas. Offered in three configurations including gearbox operation, spring roll up and fixed timber batten top with rope and pulley the straight drop blind doesn’t use guides and is simply strapped down to a secure foundation enhancing its ease of operation as lowering the blind provides privacy and protection while raising allows warmth, sunlight and an unobstructed, pleasurable view.

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    Folding Arm Awnings

    We are proud to present our full exterior range of motorisedoutdoor folding arm awnings, growing in popularity and demand these exclusive full cassette awnings combine technology and functionality offering a unique design element to your standard awning acting as a practical and contemporary shading solution by providing privacy and elegance to all outdoor living areas. A must have for any home or business!!

    1. RA

    The Structures By Design Ra awning is a European designed and manufactured superior quality and strength full cassette folding arm awning, combining elegance and effective shading properties in style. Specifically catered to the Australian climate and love of outdoor living, the Ra is self-supported having a compact wall mounted design and fully encased in a cassette when retracted providing protection from damage and exposure to the elements. Available in a wide variety of high quality fabrics and operated via smoothly functioning crank handle or motorisation the Ra is discreet, versatile and affordable, designed to blend stylishly into its surroundings

    2. MARICI

    The Marici is a refined and premium offer for a full cassette folding arm awning maintaining the high quality and elegance of the Ra with its sophisticated full cassette system while incorporating the designer feel of aluminium end caps, hidden fasteners and greater streamlined colour coordination. Providing comprehensive protection for windows and outdoor areas the Marici allows for both standard and powder coat colour finishes to best compliment your business or homes exterior.

    3. APOLLO

    Suitable for wider spaces the Apollo is an exceptional open roll folding arm awning distinctly different to that of its competitors. Providing versatility in size and flexibility in installation the Apollo is simple, elegant and non-obstructive covering wider portions of area via uniquely joining together to achieve spans up to 12m. Available with a hood profile or minor semi cassette, featuring the optional drop arm bracket to allow further projection then its width, this European designed and manufactured awning will create the perfect outdoor atmosphere at an affordable price.


    The Malina and Malina XL are your premium blue-chip heavy duty, full cassetted folding arm awnings seamlessly blending timeless Swedish Design with the recognized Australian longevity. Completely enclosed to ensureample fabric protection the Malina incorporates enhanced springs providing constant tension across a variety of sun protection fabrics.Suitable to any terrain with a wind resistance of 40km/h this awning will adorn to any home or commercial building

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    Drop Arm Awnings

    Projected off the window to allow superior airflow our new range of heavy duty Pivot Arm Awnings is the answer to creating desired shade levels, controlling heat and guaranteeing privacy. Designed to withstand adverse weather our Drop arm Awnings are a versatile and stylish choice for creating visual thermal comfort

    1. RAVI

    The new European designed, high quality Ravi Pivot Arm Awning exclusive to Structures By Design is a perfect shade solution for controlling heat, guaranteeing privacy and creating desired levels of shade throughout the day. Protected in a stylish aluminium full cassette the Ravi operates through its concealed spring loaded pivoting arms that extends and retracts in an arc shape constantly ensuring the fabric is taught while creating an appealing larger space between the awning and window for greater airflow. Designed to withstand adverse weather whilst still providing enhanced shade this Pivot Arm Awning is a heavy duty system achieving anticipated levels of light throughout the day to completely covering the window when privacy is required at night. The Ravi is a versatile and stylish choice for creating visual thermal comfort for all sized windows in your home or business.

    2. INTI

    Baby brother to the Ravi, the Inti is a finesse open roll drop arm awning providing resourceful shade for large windows and flexibility in installation, all for excellent value. Similar to the Ravi, two strong spring loaded arms create consistent fabric tension through the full range of operation making it perfect for outward opening windows to circulate air flow and reduce direct sunlight into your home. Heavy Duty combined with contemporary design and offered in a range of fabrics and colours the Inti is a suitable option for even the most stylish homes.

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    Seashell 180 Degrees

    Seashell 180 Degrees

    Seashell 180 Degrees Awnings are unique and are like no other awning available. The retractable 180 degrees seashell awning is incredibly strong, protects your property or business from the heaviest rain and the most dangerous heat as well as being an amazing asset, looking great from any angle. You can leave your awning open all summer and winter, with no posts needed or close it for the beautiful perfect day not affected by any weather.

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    Seashell 90 Degrees

    The 90 Degree SeaShell Corner Awning

    Do you have a tight corner that needs an amazing cover? the Seashell 90 Degrees is the perfect awning for shade in those awkward tight corners. Durable to last all types of weathers and any season, the Seashell 90 Degrees awning is your elegant but extremely strong awning that will have your friends and family complimenting your house for years to come.

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    Seashell 360 Degrees

    The 360 – free standing full circle Awning

    The beautiful full circle awning is a must have if you have a large balcony or patio area, this sea shell is so unique and suits any setting. The Seashell 360 degrees awning can handle heavy rain and strong, you can leave it open for months and even forget about it all year and when needed you’ll be able to close it with no problem.

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    The Revolutionary Roof Awning System

    This Motorised System Can Be Installed Over A Structure Or A Skylight.

    A Revolutionary System That Brings So Many Possibilities.

    Once you have your motorised folding outdoor awning installed you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

    Entertain & Enjoy Life & Company, Protected From The Melbourne Sun & Rain, With The Option To Open It Up & Enjoy Your Outdoors, Whenever You Please.

    Tailor your awning system to your own style, structure and space.

    This Roof Awning System Will Give You So Much Flexibility With Your Outdoor Space With The Added Bonus Of Added Privacy.

    A Must For Any Home Or Business.

    Click Here To Revolutionise Your Outdoor Living Area or Function Space.

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    Retractable Roof System

    Are you looking for that extra edge to your resident or business. A retractable roof system is a 100% waterproof solution and a great asset to your property all year round. To be able to extend your roof to protect yourself from Melbourne’s hot sun or protect your property from the wind and rain is great but also having your choice of whether you would prefer to enjoy the heat and blue skies or protect yourself from the rain and wind is having luxury at your fingertips is another story.

    If you are searching for reputable company in Melbourne offering a retractable roof system that is suitable for any kind of commercial or residential property then look no further than Structures by Design. We supply and install a range of high quality products that are designed to protect you and your property from the any type of weather.

    Are you after this kind of luxury upgrade at your fingertips to decide at anytime – contacting Structures by Design is Melbournes go to company for any retractable roof system.

    Call (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au

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    Retractable Pool Roof

    Structures by Design proudly bring Melbournes best Retractable Pool Roofs, custom made to fit your pool. A great asset to your pool area – Retractable Pool Roofs keep your pools clean and safe. It is easily controlled by a push of a button and can accommodate for all seasons.

    Now you can enjoy your pool whenever you like – without worrying about if it is too cold or too late! Retractable Pool Roofs look fantastic and is a must for this year.

    Looking to have a Retractable Pool Roof created, look no further. Structures by Design are Melbournes go to company for all Retractable Pool Roofs.

    Call (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au for more information on Retractable Pool Roof. If you are also looking for a Shade Sail for your home or business please go to Shade Sail Melbourne page for more information

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    Retractable Pergola

    Wanting to enjoy the outdoors on a hot or chilli day? Having a Custom Made fully retractable pergola can fix that for you. Structures by Design can accommodate to all your needs with a beautifully designed Custom made fully retractable pergola that is suitable for all seasons.

    A fantastic system can be custom designed to fit into any kind of outdoor area, it makes any environment look aestectically pleasing whether it is for your home, restaurant, cafe, hotel, business.

    Call (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au for more information on Custom made fully retractable pergolas. If you are also looking for a Shade Sail for your home or business please go to Shade Sail Melbourne page for more information

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    Motorised Retractable Roof

    Motorised Retractable Roof systems are suitable for use in any weather conditions. Whether you are looking for a Motorised Retractable Roof System for residential or commercial purposes, we can help create the perfect custom made roof system to meet the needs of your home, business property, needs of a restaurant, bar or commercial project.

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