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    Projected off the window to allow superior airflow our new range of heavy duty Pivot Arm Awnings is the answer to creating desired shade levels, controlling heat and guaranteeing privacy. Designed to withstand adverse weather our Drop arm Awnings are a versatile and stylish choice for creating visual thermal comfort

    1. RAVI

    The new European designed, high quality Ravi Pivot Arm Awning exclusive to Structures By Design is a perfect shade solution for controlling heat, guaranteeing privacy and creating desired levels of shade throughout the day. Protected in a stylish aluminium full cassette the Ravi operates through its concealed spring loaded pivoting arms that extends and retracts in an arc shape constantly ensuring the fabric is taught while creating an appealing larger space between the awning and window for greater airflow. Designed to withstand adverse weather whilst still providing enhanced shade this Pivot Arm Awning is a heavy duty system achieving anticipated levels of light throughout the day to completely covering the window when privacy is required at night. The Ravi is a versatile and stylish choice for creating visual thermal comfort for all sized windows in your home or business.

    2. INTI

    Baby brother to the Ravi, the Inti is a finesse open roll drop arm awning providing resourceful shade for large windows and flexibility in installation, all for excellent value. Similar to the Ravi, two strong spring loaded arms create consistent fabric tension through the full range of operation making it perfect for outward opening windows to circulate air flow and reduce direct sunlight into your home. Heavy Duty combined with contemporary design and offered in a range of fabrics and colours the Inti is a suitable option for even the most stylish homes.

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